STANLEY® Track Wall System 20pc kit

Product Overview

The STANLEY® Track Wall System 20 Piece Kit is the perfect starter kit to create the ultimate storage solution in your garage or workshop. Keeping all tools and equipment off the ground you can utilize your wall space making it perfect for those smaller areas. The kit includes 2 x 4ft/121cm Track Wall System Rails, which can be installed with a drill and screws on dry wall, wall studs or masonry along with a selection of 6 hooks which feature a twist and lock latch mechanism, ensuring that hooks are secured to the Track Wall Rail and preventing them from coming loose. These hooks are perfect for a variety of tools such as hand and power tools, landscaping equipment, ladders, sporting equipment and more. 8 smaller snap-in hooks are also included which are perfect for hand tools or lightweight items. All hooks are heavy-duty steel coated with a non-slip material which prevents tools from slipping, scratches to tools and corrosion to the hooks. Equally, they all mount to the STANLEY® Track Wall System Rail without the need for tools.

Additional Features

  • LARGE HOOKS INCLUDED: 2 x Short General Purpose Hooks (STST82607-1), 2 x Curved Pivot Hooks (STST82605-1), 1 x Long General Purpose Hook (STST82608-1), 1 x Outdoor Powered Equipment Hook (STST82609-1), which are ideal to hang hand and power tools, landscaping equipment, ladders, sporting equipment, and more.
  • TWIST AND LOCK LATCH MECHANISM: Locks the 6 large Hooks securely to the rail.
  • SMALL HOOKS INCLUDED: 8 x Snap-in hooks including 3 x straight, 3 x curved and 2 x round (STST82617-1), perfect for hand tools or lightweight items.
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED: To mount the Hooks to STANLEY® Track Wall System Rails.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL HOOKS: Coated with a non-slip material which prevents scratches and corrosion.
  • LOAD CAPACITY: Each Track Wall System Rail can support up to 143kg in weight.
  • KIT INCLUDES: 2 x 4ft/121cm x 5.5" pieces of STANLEY® Track Wall Rail, 4 x End Caps, 2 x Short General Purpose Hooks, 2 x Curved Pivot Hooks, 1 x Long General Purpose Hook, 1 x Outdoor Power Equipment Hook, 8 x Snap-in Hooks.


Possibility of Accessorization
Product Width [Metric]
14.8 cm
CE Mark
Product Height [Metric]
14.8 cm
Product Weight [Metric]
7.16 Kg
Drawers Total Weight Capacity [Metric]
143 Kg
Number of Pieces
Product Weight Gross [Metric]
7.16 Kg
Is it a Set
Static Overall Weight Capacity [Metric]
130 Kg
Product Length [Metric]
124 cm



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