STANLEY® Grip Tape Measure 8m/26ft

STANLEY® Grip Tape Measure 8m/26ft

  • Class II accuracy, suitable for the majority of professionals, providing a reassuring +/-0,5mm error tolerance at 1m.
  • Tylon™ blade coating for improved durability and wear resistance, providing up to 1.5 times abrasion resistance versus a standard lacquered blade.
  • Anti-slip design grips almost all work surfaces - ideal for roofers and all those working at height or on uneven surfaces the STANLEY® GripTape™ has become a favourite amongst roofers, solar cell installation contractors and more.
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Product Overview

STANLEY® 8 m x 28 mm Grip CC tape

Additional Features

  • TRU-ZERO™ hook for precise inner and outer measurements, moving back and forth along the securing rivets to account for the hook thickness.
  • Durable compression lock technology, prevents the blade from slipping when locked, and locks the blade securely in place when not in use.
  • Shock absorbing, high-grip rubber outer provides excellent additional protection against accidental knocks or drops.
  • Multi-catch hook, slightly larger than a conventional hook and protruding on all edges - shaped to hook onto building materials with ease above, below and to either side, making for hassle-free regular measurements, side measurements and even overhead measurements.
  • Secure to a belt, pocket, or waistband for improved portability using the integral belt clip.
  • Bright yellow, easy-to-read blade.
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STHT0-33559 STANLEY® Grip Tape Measure 8m/26ft
STHT0-33569 STANLEY® Grip Tape Measure 8m/26ft
STHT0-33566 STANLEY® Grip Tape Measure 8m
STHT0-33561 STANLEY® Grip Tape Measure 5m
STHT0-33568 STANLEY® GripTape™ 5m Cutcase




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