STANLEY® 78 Rebate Plane Iron Blade (39mm)

STANLEY® 78 Rebate Plane Iron Blade (39mm)

  • STANLEY® replacement plane irons are made from chrome carbon steel which has excellent edge retention characteristics and allows a razor sharp edge to be honed
  • Ground to an angle of 25 degrees ready for honing
  • Ground to a flat surface for easy sharpening
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Additional Features

  • Suits STANLEY® Duplex Rebate Plane (12-078) / (1-12-078)


Iron Gradient
25 deg
Product Width [Metric]
4 cm
CE Mark
Iron Length [Imperial]
4.06 in
Product Height [Metric]
0 cm
Product Weight [Metric]
0 Kg
Product Weight Gross [Metric]
0 Kg
Number of Pieces
Iron Length [Metric]
103 mm
Is it a Set
Iron Width [Imperial]
1.54 in
Product Length [Metric]
11 cm
Iron Width [Metric]
39 mm


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